Being an Author is bitter sweet.

My Characters know me better than most of the people I have met.

The creative mind never sleeps.






Welcome to The Land Of Blue Harmonie


Let me take you on a journey with the four individuals that make up me.

Allow me to be your guide to open and close your eyes, gently caress your heart and then rip it out blowing it from my hands like nothing, but dust.

"Purple Haze Poetry" Book of Poetry


Digging You

My nights without you are oh so lonely and our bed so empty and cold.

The last words you spoke to me before you left are the place holders of my soul.

My heart aches and each moment without you drains bits of life from within.

 I lay awake at night and cry while considering committing a mortal sin.

I would die a thousand times and come back and die again just to lay next to you my love.

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