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Through Whose Eyes: Rise, Child of God’s story characters are nameless, but not faceless.  Stories such as Turning Corners, makes us all believe that no matter where we are God can still find us. Clean, opens our eyes to the realization that even under God's care things still happen, but to bring glory to his kingdom.  Waiting for God, shows that no matter how young we are we can all find peace, comfort and strength in God.  My Name Is, speaks for the so called nameless, but not faceless people loss to the lure of the streets sometimes through no fault of their own.  Touched, is just that letting us all know, even those who find it hard to believe that God works through people, and finally I Use to Be, the world of addiction is filled with sick and suffering people some who become so beaten down by life and the loss of true human connections that they just give up. Each story has an opening poem to reflect on feelings of despair or triumph through faith in love, power, forgiveness, and His restoring power that comes only from being touched by His mercy and grace.

Please enjoy this Special Revised Edition of “Toni’s Blues.”

As the Author of this beautiful and sometimes painful story it was important to me that I gave my readers a clear story; one that read without typographical errors which would detract from the important message this story strongly relays. When I discovered the errors in the story I immediately requested that my  now ex-Publisher pull the book from sales and allow me to revise the story for my readers and re-release it as a Special Revised Edition with this message and an apology to all who purchased copies of the book that contained the errors.

I brought these words to life for all the women of world young and old who have ever been in love or fallen in love with the wrong man and to bring awareness to domestic violence.

This is the story of “Toni’s Blues.” 

We all choose what we want to believe whether it is something we have seen with our own eyes or heard from the mouths of others. I don’t believe in second hand tales, but I do believe what I see with my own eyes and the things that the Lord lays upon me.  My character Harmonie is front line and center caught up in a battle of the spiritual warfare that has become visible to her eyes in the natural world. She sees the things that so many of us do not see or chose to ignore, shaking them off as just a nightmare or a mirage, tricks of the eyes.

Harmonie’s eyes have been open to this often unseen world that circulates around us all and she realizes that she has long been the focus of the dark spirits.  In the turbulent, urban city of Dorchester the spirits of the dead have been called forth and the majorities of its residences are consumed by satanic forces and practice the black arts.  Harmonie is constantly being watched, hunted down and preyed upon and the light within her lusted after for evil purposes.  Some would chose to fight fire with fire, but sometimes when you step into the darkness it is hard to find your way back into the light.

These are the tales of Harmonie.


Jacqueline Rainey is an emerging author who definitely commands attention. The reprehensible trait of the sociopath is very nearly a male-exclusive disorder. However, Rainey explores this phenomenon in a uniquely disturbing and eros-centric way. Read the review here:  

30 The Dragonfly Catcher  


Love is a splendid thing when you can find it, but sometimes sex with a stranger can be more eye opening. Be careful when seeking validation in a state of desperation because when the true you comes to the surface you may not like what you see. CaSandra found this out at the very end even though she knew that she was a fragmented woman with three sides to her personality. She had lost control, giving away the small piece of her true self to a third part of herself that eventually wiped away all traces of CaSandra. No woman wants to feel invisible and sometimes we want others to see us for the women we are on the inside as well as the beautiful package we are in on the outside.