Dirty Blue –

Trina aka Dirty Blue is conflicted by her love for her father and the hate she has for him for the way he treated her mother and for walking out on them both. She loses her mother and her best friend is killed execution style on Blue Hill Avenue. Chico became the only family she had after her mother died and now he’s gone. Trina’s father is still alive, but he’s dead to her, she blames him for a lot of the things that have gone wrong in her life. On her eighteenth Birthday Trina legally changes her name to Dirty Blue. When Trina changes her name to Dirty Blue it isn’t just her name that changes, but everything about her changes she no longer tolerates the slightest bit of disrespect and a few bodies will drop after she pulls the trigger!

Welcome to my world, the world of Dirty Blue.


Welcome to the Small Town of Arlington where the towns people are not too keen on letting in outsiders who cross the invisible town lines. Suzanne Clarkson who is newly divorced has just bought a house in the small town and soon she will discover that this picturesque place is filled with secrets and some of those secrets should stay buried. As her new hometown becomes stranger by the day Suzanne finds herself falling for one of the town’s most well-known residents “Jason Russell” whose family has been living in the small town of Arlington since the 1800’s. Suzanne finds her curiosity growing not only about her new hometown, but she wants and needs to know more about Jason Russell.  Suzanne is about to discover how far the people of this small town are willing to go to keep their secrets within this town’s invisible town lines; some of its residences even believe in taking those secrets to their graves and some have done just that.  

 Welcome to The Small Town of Arlington.


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Black Roses Purple Haze Poetry - 

I went all the way back to the beginning before I ever knew that I could write stories.

I went in search of my poetry roots that took hold of me at the age of eleven when I wrote my first poem about being in love and having a broken heart. I don’t remember much about that poem, but I do remember that the petals falling off a flower symbolized my broken heart. I still remember his name.

Black Roses Purple Haze Poetry is an expression of the gift I was blessed with as a child all grown up and still remembering what it’s like to have a broken heart. Someone who read one of the poems in this book said that I was channeling the great Edgar Allen Poe, what an honor.

Please enjoy and feel free to interpret my words of expression as you wish because I wrote these poems to not only speak to the heart, but to touch the spirit as well.



                 Jacqueline Rainey


        Blue Is Just A Mood